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Robert Budreau, Born to be Blue, 2015

Born to Be Blue

29 Jul 201624 Aug 2016

This clever reimagining of troubled jazz legend Chet Baker’s career opens with the trumpeter and singer starring in a movie about his own life. While filming he falls for his co-star Jane (Carmen Ejogo). The riveting story of the heroin-addicted musical genius (played convincingly by Ethan Hawke) that unfolds is an appropriate reflection of Baker’s complicated life.

He tries to rebuild his career after his trumpet playing is affected when he loses his front teeth in a mugging. He also faces both a battle with drugs and a jazz scene that has little time for his talent. Baker was an enigma, a truth that is ultimately clear from writer-director Robert Budreau’s entertaining second feature. The film also benefits greatly from Callum Keith Rennie’s role as his sceptical producer Dick Bock.

Born to be Blue, dir. Robert Budreau, UK/Canada/USA 2015. 98 mins

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