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Francesco Munzi, Black Souls, 2014

Black Souls

7 Nov 201512 Nov 2015

This beautifully shot, enigmatic Italian gangster film takes the tropes of modern Mafia thrillers and combines them with the metaphysical weight and measured pacing of existential crime movies.

Ostensibly a story of violent feuding between two rival Mafia families locked in bloody gang warfare, the film immerses us in an intricately structured world and familiarises us with the central players. The narrative moves from the rural homes of the principal gangsters’ peasant families to the gritty violence of the streets, where tough young killers are doing battle in the urban mazes of southern Italy. This elegant film packs an emotional punch precisely because of the skilled work done by the cast and director Francesco Munzi to place us within its world. Black Souls is superb from start to finish.

Black Souls Film Trailer

Black Souls, dir. Francesco Munzi, Italy/France 2014, 109 mins., Italian with English subtitles.

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