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Diao Yinan, Black Coal, Thin Ice, 2014

Black Coal, Thin Ice

5 Jun 201514 Jun 2015

Ex-cop Zhang Zili, seriously wounded while working on a gruesome coal-plant murder case, was forced to retire from the police force due to his injuries.

Five years later, the killer strikes again, and Zhang, now a factory security guard, is determined to redeem himself and solve the case on his own. After his investigation, he discovers that all of the victims seem to be related to a mysterious woman named Wu Zhizhen who works in a dry cleaning shop. Zhang ends up falling in love with her, but, in uncovering the truth, finds himself in great danger.

Black Coal, Thin Ice, dir. Diao Yinan, China/Hong Kong 2014, 106 mins., Mandarin with English subtitles


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E.g., 23-06-2018