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Still: Hock Hiap Leong

Bitesize Summer Autumn Finale

23 Nov 2006

Bitesize Cinema returns with an exclusive feature length compilation of new shorts from the finest emerging talent. Featuring the hottest new short films from our Summer & Autumn programmes, crossing genres of animation, drama, comedy and musical with a Q&A with the filmmakers afterwards and complementary beer from Cobra. A one-off feast of shorts - not to be missed.


Still: Cubs

Dir Tom Harper, UK 2006, 9 minutes

A gang of inner city kids have discovered a fresh sport... the dark new world of urban fox hunting.

Staring Ashley Walters (Bullet Boy, Life'n'Lyrics) this acclaimed short introduces stunning new filmmaking talent in director Tom Harper - One of Screen International's "Stars of Tomorrow"

Winner Rushes Sohoshorts - Best Short 2006

Death Of The Revolution

Still: Death of the Revolution

Dir The Blaine Brothers, UK 2005, 6 minutes

"...A lovely, witty thing...", Simon Callow

When Tony is told off for stealing a pencil, his ten year-old logic seethes at the injustice. What course of action is open to him other than to inspire a juvenile revolt? With truth, justice and his comrade pupils marching by his side, what can possibly stop him?

Offical Selection Edinburgh Film Festival 06

Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Still: Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Dir Duane Hopkins, UK 2003, 16 minutes

A young boy, a young girl. Against the backdrop of the countryside they try to understand and express their feelings for each other.

A study in the articulations and limitations of first love.

Winner Best Short - Edinburgh Film Fest 03

The Grotlyn

Still: The Grotlyn

Dir Benji Davies, UK 2006, 6 minutes

I know when the Grotlyn's been,
Slipping through your house unseen,
I see the wicked path it went,
With mischief making mal-intent,
This creature with a blackened heart,
Its demon soul now withered dark...

Official Selection at Edinburgh, London Animation, and Sohoshorts Film Fests 06

Vagabond Shoes

Still: Vagabond Shoes

Dir Jackie Oudney, UK 2006, 18 minutes

On a Friday night in London, Alec, an enigmatic homeless man, sits across the street from a black-tie party at a posh hotel. A chance occurrence gives Alec the opportunity to enter this high society gathering, where the layers of his personality and his past are revealed to an unsuspecting audience.

Winner - Best Short - Kodak/Bafta Showcase 06.
Winner - Best Short - N.Y.C Shorts Film Fest.05
Winner - Grand Jury Prize - Lille Film Fest 06

Who I Am And What I Want

Still: Who I Am And What I Want

Dir Chris Shepherd & David Shrigley, UK 2005, 8 minutes

This film is about who I am and what I want. It's NOT about who YOU are and what YOU want. You always think everything I make is about you but it's not. It's all about me...

Winner of an Astonishing 9 International Best Short Awards

Hock Hiap Leong

Still: Hock Hiap Leong

Dir Royston Tan, Singapore 2005, 7 minutes

A filmmaker's glowing & heart-warming tribute to a 55-year old Signapore Coffee shop, set for imminent demolition as part of a re-development. The building may be gone, but the scent of coffee and spirit of community live on in vivid musical memory.

Offical Selection at over 20 International Film Festivals


Still: Gash

Dir Rong, UK 2005, 3 minutes

What does it take to win an award these days, and be recognised as a ground breaking filmmaker?

A child cries, a crack addict mother tries to comfort him - This is social realism. This is Gash.

Love Letter

Still: Love Letter

Dir Richard Fenwick, UK 2005, 11 minutes

Staring rising star Jamie Winstone, this is a tense and sweet story of a lovesick boy trying to find the right way to give the girl of his dreams a love letter.

Winner - Best Short - Smirnoff Talent Awards 05


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