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Stanley Kubrick, Barry Lyndon, 1975

Barry Lyndon

26 Jul 201619 Aug 2016

Winner of four Oscars in 1975, including Best Cinematography, Stanley Kubrick’s painterly, darkly comic masterpiece is celebrated in this rare cinema run.

Based on William Thackeray’s novel about the rise and fall of an 18th century Irish rogue (Ryan O’Neal), Barry Lyndon features breathtaking, technically revolutionary candlelit visuals that recall the paintings of Hogarth and Gainsborough, vividly realising an epic world of beauty, deceit and poetic justice. After the success of 2001 and A Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick’s next film was another discursive, albeit very different, work – sumptuously filmed, meticulously scripted and performed with gusto. Following initial critical indifference, it is now recognised as a genuine masterpiece.

Contains moderate violence, sex and nudity. Barry Lyndon includes a ten minute intermission as exhibited on its original release.

Barry Lyndon, dir. Stanley Kubrick, UK 1975, 184 mins

Please note there is an interval of ten minutes during this screening.


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