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Nagesh Kukunoor, Dhanak, 2015

Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival: Dhanak (Rainbow)

19 Jul 2015

This uplifting, enchanting and magical story revolves around the relationship between a 10-year-old girl Pari, a Shah Rukh Khan fan and Chotu, her blind 8-year-old brother who is a die-hard Salman Khan devotee.

Inspired by seeing Shah Rukh Khan endorsing sight-restoring surgery, Pari leads her brother on an epic journey across the desert state of Rajasthan to the location where the actor is shooting his latest film in the hope that he will arrange for the vision-restoring operation and fulfil the promise she had made to Chotu that he will regain his sight when he turns nine.

On the way, they meet a host of colourful characters that sometimes help and sometimes thwart their plan but always push them in the right path towards their destination. The film won the Generation Kplus section of the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.

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Dhanak, dir. Nagesh Kukunoor, India 2015, 103 mins., Hindi with English subtitles

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