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Swimmer, Lynne Ramsay, 2012

BAFTA Shorts + Q&A

14 Apr 2013

A feature length selection of short live action and animated films from the EE British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), with a Q&A with selected filmmakers.

Here to Fall
Dir: Kris Kelly | Ireland | UK | 2012 | 6mins
When a girl receives a call from her father she is set on a frantic journey through a chaotic world.

The Curse
Dir: Fyzal Boulifa | UK | Morocco | 2012 | 16mins
Fatine has ventured far from the village to meet her older lover. When she is caught by a small boy, all she wants to do is go home.

Dir: Johnny Barrington | UK | 2011 | 13mins
A tribe of Norse warriors traipse across a barren land after battle. Bloodied and wounded, their chief is near death. He is about to hand over power to his son when an army of a completely different kind descends upon them.

I'm Fine Thanks
Dir: Eamonn O'Neill | Ireland | UK | 2012 | 5mins
Are you okay?

The Making of Longbird
Dir: Will Anderson | UK | 2011 | 15mins
A behind-the-scenes look at an animator as he struggles with his character. 

Good Night
Dir: Muriel d'Ansembourg |UK | 2012 | 28mins
Two teenage girls find themselves pushed to extremes on the streets of London when the boundaries between innocent play and dangerous seduction start to blur.

Dir: Lynne Ramsay | UK | 2012 | 16mins
The film enters the mind of an endurance swimmer on a journey through Britain's waterways, using sound and images to penetrate his thoughts, feelings, dreams, nightmares, memories, escape.


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E.g., 19-10-2017