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ATH-LDN KBhta plus Poeta Negra label showcase

28 Apr 2007

The second evening hosted by ATH-LDN sees celebrated electronic music producer KBhta and his recent audio-visual work Transformations, a contemporary reworking of classic compositions by the unsurpassed composer Manos Hatjidakis in the Theatre. The ICA Bar meanwhile will feature a showcase by Thessaloniki-based independent record label Poeta Negra: Spyweirdos will be offer a taste of the many different sonic projects he's been involved in including soundscapes, mastering & music composition with collaborators such as Alva Noto, Murcof, B.Fleischmann, John Mourjopoulos & more. Peekay Tayloh will present Centrifugal, a soundlandscape whose breakbeats narration is layered with ambient atmospheric sounds, jazzy passages & noisy tracks.


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