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Still: Ashes

Ashes + On Hold + Inside-out discussion + music

13 Apr 2008

"Raised by a mother engulfed in forgetfulness, and by a memory of a father of which only dim recollections remain, here I am, a refugee, living four kilometres from my homeland..." Rima Essa's family is from Biram, a Palestinian village destroyed in the war of 1948. Ashes is her attempt to come to terms with her feelings as an Israeli Arab, torn between memories and roots and the need to find a suitable identity for herself as a young woman in Israel.

Dir Rima Essa, Israel 2001, 35 mins, subtitles.

On Hold is the story of film-maker Rokaya Sabbah and her partner - a young Israeli Arab couple leaving Israel for a better life in Spain. A quirky, complex and touching tale that reveals the unique dilemma faced by many Israeli Arabs, caught between twin identities and mixed allegiances.

Dir Rokaya Sabbah, Israel 2007, 52 mins, subtitles.

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Inside-out: Film-makers, film-making and the experience of minorities in Israel

To coincide with the screenings of Recognized, Ashes and On Hold, this event will be dedicated to the growing number of films by and about non-Jews in Israeli society. A post-screening discussion with film-maker Rokaya Sabbah, film scholar Yael Friedman, who is currently writing a PhD about Palestinian film-making in Israel and David Newman, professor of political geography in the Department of Politics and Government at Ben-Gurion University. Chaired by foreign editor of The JC, Daniella Peled.

Erran Baron Cohen will be spinning an Arab-Jewish fusion in the bar until 10:30pm. Erran Baron Cohen has composed music for a myriad of eclectic projects, encompassing orchestral scores, cutting-edge dance and sound design.

In partnership with the Jewish Community Centre for London and the Pears Foundation.

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