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Amplified Gesture: Manafon

Amplified Gesture: Manafon

14 Sep 2009

When David Sylvian finished work on his new album Manafon he felt a desire to document the individual philosophies of the exceptional cast  of musicians he'd assembled, to ask what had driven them throughout a lifetime of experimentation and inquiry. The list of players included Christian Fennesz, Toshimaru Nakamura, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe, John Tilbury and Otomo Yoshihide, among others.

The film bears witness as the artists discuss their work, influences, the evolution of ideas and their personal philosophies. In essence, how they came to find themselves on the particular paths they've taken. The original intention was primarily to give context to Manafon, but grew in scale to become an intimate portrait of musicians pursuing a line of inquiry in their life and work to create innovative, free spirited, music of uncompromising integrity.

This is the first time that three pivotal members of the influential group AMM, early pioneers of free improv in London in the 1960's, have been brought together to be interviewed.

The evening will include a Q&A session between director Phil Hopkins and the film's interviewer Nick Luscombe, along with an introductory talk and an exclusive preview of material from Manafon.

Please note that David Sylvian does not appear in the film and will not be present at the event.

A UK premiere presented by The Wire & Samadhisound

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dir Phil Hopkins, UK 2009, 55 mins, digibeta

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