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Eddie Martin, All This Mayhem, 2014

All This Mayhem

8 Aug 201427 Aug 2014

★★★★ 'Unless you already know the story of Tas and Ben Pappas, then nothing can prepare you for what plays out in director Eddie Martin’s All This Mayhem.' Little White Lies
★★★★ ' Scarface meets Senna... simply a gripping and deeply moving film. A must see.' Kate Spicer, Sunday Times Style
'Candid and clear-eyed, this doc will wow boarding fans but has something to offer to the unconverted too.' Empire

All This Mayhem is the mind-blowing new film from the producer of the award-winning documentaries Exit Through The Gift Shop and Senna. 

In the late 1990s, the world of competitive skateboarding witnessed the meteoric rise of Tas and Ben Pappas, two close-knit Australian brothers from the wrong side of the tracks who arrived in America to pursue their passion as soon as they turned 16.

Both extraordinarily talented, the tough, charismatic older brother Tas and the quieter, more thoughtful Ben even toppled the venerable Tony Hawk to rank numbers one and two in the world.

But their dazzling achievements rapidly started to unravel through a staggering series of events, and once the brothers were separated on opposite sides of the world, each of their lives threatened to implode completely.

Reminiscent of 2012’s The Imposter for its jaw-dropping revelations, you don’t need to know or indeed care about skateboarding to get something out of this film; this is a mesmerizing human story on an epic scale.

All This Mayhem, dir. Eddie Martin, UK/Australia 2014, 104 mins, cert 15

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