Image of Rab-rab

Rab-rab #3


Don’t let the subtitle ‘Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries into Art’ fool you, Rab-rab IS named after the noise a duck makes when it says ‘I will’ This hefty Finnish journal may seem daunting with articles entitled 'Critical Math' and 'on Documentary Abstraction' but despite its intellectual stature it is readable to the point that the 384 will sail by in a flurry of aesthetics and communism. Artwork, theory, poetry, scripts and essays all sit alongside each other just as an 80's resurrection of Kazimir Malevich sits side by side with big name Alain Badiou, Gil Scott-Heron's Whitey on the Moon is analysed and contextualised with the same rigour as the lifes work of Gustav Jaeger. You've missed out on the first two issues of this oddball and eccentric collection, but make sure the third has its slot on your bookcase.