Image of Eyesore

Eyesore #2


Google ‘Eyesore’ and this is the result: “a thing that is very ugly, especially a building”. An apt title then for this slim oversized journal about urbanism, streets and buildings with its feet firmly stood at the bottom of the ugly looming tower, but still with a fondness in its heart and a youthful glint of ‘possibility’ in its eye. The personal and political firmly interconnected, the six editors offer their analysis of spaces with a direct connection to the current social outlook.  A report on Belgrade’s current antagonism against government urban development plans is a result of one editors forced relocation back to the city as a result of the UKs sudden decision not to renew her visa.  A weekend is spent with the Polish and Lithuanian locals living in Britains most Eurosceptic town. Waterloo Bridge is analysed from a vantage point below its bird-shit encrusted arches. Luke Isnardi takes a 70p tour around Seoul’s derelict World Cup Stadium. Jill Davison locates the one type of life still flourishing in the Heygate Estate (the weeds), and Chris Dorley-Brown visually compares corners of London a few years apart in a clear illustration of who’s interests are at the heart of contemporary ‘regeneration’.