Image of Counter-Signals

Counter-Signals #1


COMRADES! If you like your urgent calls for the death of all fascists to be set in a nice swiss sans-serif then you need this journal in your life. The subtitle for this first issue is MILITANT PRINT which should give you a sense of where Other Forms, the designers and publishers, are coming from. Whether its Josh MacPhee on the US communist paperback publishers of the 60's, Mary Ikoniadou on Pyrsos magazine, Detroit proletarian print co-ops, the illegal print presses throughout Tbilisi's history, Alan Smart on Squatters Handbooks, paperfolding and bookbinding with Infolio magazine or the reassembled letters shredded by Bruce Laingen when he was held hostage at Iran's US embassy in 1979, every single page in this journal looks amazing. The time is ripe for a concerted communist aesthetics to rear its beautiful and devastating head so read this and get inspired and lets go.