Institute of Contemporary Arts' Editions Portfolio No. 2 -Fia Backstrom

Institute of Contemporary Arts' Editions Portfolio No. 2


The Institute of Contemporary Arts is delighted to present its Artists’ Editions portfolios.

Seven different portfolios have been carefully curated to bring together works by some of the world’s leading artists. Each portfolio is an edition of five, and is packaged in a bespoke, two colour screen-printed case designed by Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey.

The artists whose work feature in the portfolios include; Cory Arcangel, Carol Bove, Andrea Büttner, Ryan Gander, Gabriel Kuri, Rosalind Nashashibi, Francis Upritchard and many more

Portfolio 2:

Fia Backström

'Studies in Leadership - The Golden Voice', 2009 
Silkscreen print, ed.50 
81 x 61 cm

Judith Bernstein

'Dick in a Head / Flocked Pink', 2013 
Silkscreen with flocking, ed.50 
70 x 50 cm

Carol Bove

'The Sun', 2008 
Silkscreen on paper, in acrylic and saffron, ed.60 
40 x 60 cm

Rosalind Nashashibi

'For Anna', 2008 
Collage with digital pigment and photogravure chinecollé elements on paper 
40 x 50 cm, ed.60

 Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya

'The Worker With The Finger That He Cut Because Of The Protest Pointing To The Gypsy', 2010 
Plotter drawing with hand colouring, ed.100 
40 x 30 cm, 

Frances Upritchard

'A Beat', 2013 
Digital pigment print with silkscreen and emboss 
42 x 28 cm, ed. 50