Magick Lantern Cycle


Dir. Kenneth Anger

This 2-DVD set contains Anger s complete Magick Lantern Cycle, from his landmark debut FIREWORKS in 1947 to his breathtaking phantasmagoria LUCIFER RISING in 1981. Fantoma is very proud to present the films of this revolutionary and groundbreaking maverick, painstakingly restored and presented on DVD for the first time in one collection.

Fireworks (1947)
Puce Moment (1949)
Rabbit's Moon (1950/1971, the rarely seen 16mins version)
Eaux d'Artifice (1953)
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954)
Scorpio Rising (1964)
Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965)
Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969)
Rabbit's Moon (1979 version)
Lucifer Rising (1981)
Anger Me (2006) - Elio Gelminis documentary on Kenneth Anger