Playback Festival: in association with Random Acts (2017) at the ICA. Photo: George Torode

Playback in association with Random Acts

“The Hollywood of tomorrow” Dino Bonacic, because
“One of those projects that we personally think there should be a lot more of”
Finn Blythe, 10 magazine
“Any budding directors, actors or screenwriters should be in attendance”
babyface, i-D

Playback brings together over 150 short films made by young artist filmmakers in one exhibition, which tours the country until March 2018. These remarkable and award-winning short films made by emerging talent span a range of art forms and topics – from an animated take on the refugee crisis, to the dark dreamscape of a zombie apocalypse.

The exhibition is made up of individual touchscreens – choose what to watch from drama, comedy, dance, and spoken word to discover the filmmakers of tomorrow.

PLAYBACK TOURING EXHIBITION /// in association with Random Acts

Discover more of Playback in our short film featuring young, emerging artists and directors.

Playback is funded by Arts Council England and is a joint initiative with Channel 4 Random Acts.

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