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Michael Stipe, Alexandru Constantin Schmidt (as Robert's Patti). Courtesy the artist.
Volume 1 centres upon Stipe’s personal understanding of queerness and conjoins figures in his own life with those in American history and popular culture. Bringing together nearly 40 years of Stipe’s practice of creating and collecting photographic materials, alongside images of the artist and musician posing as a subject in the photographs of others.

This book is the first in a forthcoming series presenting different aspects of Stipe’s artistic practice, and is produced in collaboration with artist Jonathan Berger and designer Julian Bittiner.
Michael Stipe studied photography and painting at University of Georgia before leaving school to form the band R.E.M., serving as frontman and singer-songwriter until the band dissolved in 2011. The sensibility he began developing during his time as an art student transferred to his work for R.E.M. – from art directing their graphics, videos and stage design, to writing, composing and performance.
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