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One Or Two Questions (Unas Preguntas), Dir. Kristina Konrad, Germany / Uruguay, 2018, 237 mins, Spanish with English subtitles
What is peace? What is justice? Are they compatible? The Swiss filmmaker Kristina Konrad poses these questions in her document of Uruguay’s 1989 referendum. After members of the police and military accused of crimes during the country’s 12 years of military dictatorship were granted impunity by a controversial 1986 amnesty law, the referendum asked if they could be prosecuted.
Konrad, who worked for television at the time, follows two interviewers across Uruguay’s public spaces as they engage passers-by in enthusiastic political conversations. The film follows the push for a referendum, from its inception as a collection of signatures to the day of the vote, all while questioning the very nature of referendums. TV ads and campaign spots from the time supplement the smartly edited U-matic video footage and Konrad’s vox pops. One or Two Questions is a time capsule exploding with a plurality of opinions, a stirring vision of the public sphere as a stage for political debate.
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