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Josef – My Father’s Criminal Record, Dir. Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 2015, 19 min, German with English subtitles
In the What I Remember trilogy, Viennese filmmaker Antoinette Zwirchmayr tackles the complexities of her baroque family history over the course of three exquisitely rendered short films. Filmed on 16mm, these films unfold with a miraculous complexity, offering up fragments of memory, confessional testimonies, artifacts and enigmatic recreations that converge around two central figures – her father, a bank robber who fled to Brazil, and her grandfather, one of the most prolific pimps in Salzburg. 64 minutes.
It’s with great pleasure that we are able to screen these films on 35mm for their UK premiere and to welcome Antoinette for a post-screening Q&A. 
The Pimp and His Trophies, 2014, 21 min
Josef – My Father's Criminal Record, 2015, 19 min
The Shadow of Utopia, 2017, 24 min
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