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Ten Bob in the Winter, Dir. Lloyd Reckord, UK, 1963, 12 mins, English
We partner with Africa Is A Country and the London Migration Film Festival to present a programme of short films tracing the self-authored black British presence on screen, from the early filmmakers of the Windrush generation and those to follow. Wrestling resources from an inimical industry, these works reclaim representation from a hegemony of white faces and the dominance of the white gaze, looking to postcolonial London, the realities of its racism and insularity of class, and the unhomeliness of the migrant experience. 81 minutes.
The screening will be followed be a panel chaired by Dr Clive Nwonka (LSE) who will be joined by the Migration Collective. 
Lloyd Reckord, Ten Bob in the Winter, 1963, 12 min
Lionel Ngakane, Jemima & Johnny, 1966, 29 min
Tunde Ikoli/Maggie Pinhorn, Tunde's Film, 1973, 40 min
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The screening will be followed be a panel chaired by Dr Clive Nwonka (LSE) who will be joined by the Migration Collective