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Dancing with Le Pen, Dir. Nora Mandray, US, 2018, 22 mins, French with English subtitles
Combined, these films tell altered versions of the news we see every day. In its capacity as a news source and in its most palatable form, documentary teaches us something. Whether these lessons in themselves are palatable is beside the point. From the far right buttressing itself in France’s suburbs to corruption unveiled through graffiti in Colombia, these docs are all informative but toy with convention, some playful and others conflicting. 98 minutes.
Charlie Lyne, Personal Truth, UK, 18 min
Kate Stonehill, Fake News Fairytale, UK, 14 min
Nora Mandray, Dancing With Le Pen, US, 23 min
Molly Manning Walker, Not With Fire, but With Paint, UK, 17 min
Leon Oldstrong, That’s Not Ours, UK, 13 min
Michelle Latimer, Nuuca, US, 13 min
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