Whitechapel Project Space

Whitechapel Project Space was initiated as a non-profit artist-led gallery space in 2002, aiming to commission and facilitate projects from art practitioners on an open basis that allows for experimentation. This loose structure emphasises the realisation of exhibitions and events through relationships with individuals, as opposed to large group projects. As such the organisation represents a commitment to long-term dialogues with artists, curators and other practitioners, and sees the gallery as a social and shared critical context. Artists who have been involved with Whitechapel Project Space include Juliette Blightman, Pablo Bronstein, Sebastian Buerkner, Elliot Dodd and Brian Moran, Babak Ghazi, Melanie Gilligan, Charlotte Ginsborg, Iain Hetherington, Anja Kirschner, Craig Mulholland, Alex Pollard, Simon Popper, and Giles Round and Luke Dowd.