The Wayward Canon

The Wayward Canon, founded by Mark Aerial Waller in 2002, is a platform for event-based interventions in cinematic work, and is a test ground for concepts in development in Waller's gallery-based video practice. Audience, space and editing are reorganised to discover new directions. Past events have included Simon and the Radioactive Flesh, a portmanteau film with disco transitions, produced in collaboration with Giles Round, 2007; and an all-night immersion between exhibition space and epic television serial My Kleine Fassbinderbar, 2002. Forthcoming activities include La Societe des Amis de Judex, at Objectif Exhibitions in Antwerp, Belgium, on 31 May; and an event at France Fiction, Paris, on 14 June. New publication The Flipside of Darkness features an interview with The Wayward Canon by Stuart Bailey and is available at Artwords Bookshop, Rivington Street, London EC2.