Feint is an artists' fanzine that commissions new writing and reviews alongside new artworks. Published by Vaari Claffey and edited together with Isabel Nolan, Feint often includes gifts of original artworks. It operates using a system of exchange - no money changes hands. Feint has featured artists and writers such as Liam Gillick, Garrett Phelan, and Falke Pisano, while previous issues include 'Keep Plugging Away - Action and Commitment' and 'Yes Yes Yes No No No - Commitment and Ambivalence'. Forthcoming is 'Vanity Fair City' and 'Sorrow', the motivating quality of sadness and depression. The latter issue will be accompanied by Be not solitary, be not idle, a series of two-person exhibitions. Feint is published sporadically rather than periodically and favours the personal over the professional. It is supported by graphic design agency Language.