Centrefold is a limited edition publication in scrapbook format, with a print run of no more than 60 copies.Born in 2003 from a curatorial project entitled Wooden Hearts, Centrefold is a low-tech cut-and-paste production. For each issue artists are invited to treat one or two pages as their own scrapbook; while a writer/historian/curator or artist is usually invited to produce the centrefold. All the pages are then complied, formatted, and designed - the latter by Reza Aramesh, or in collaboration with a guest artist. Centrefold attempts to record a non-linear (local) art history through the view of an artist (Aramesh), rather than echo how art is recorded and fictionalised by art historians. To date six scrapbooks have been created, the title of each taken from a socio-political issue at the time of its production.