Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts was formed 15 years ago and - despite chronic under-funding - is one of Belfast's most significant artist-led organisations, best known for challenging the formal structures of curatorship. Realising experimental projects that break the mould of the artist-audience relationship, the organisation presents art as something to engage with or react to rather than something to consume. Catalyst runs the oldest biennial performance art festival in Europe, and during its existence it has hosted over a thousand artists at varying career stages from Northern Ireland and beyond. Catalysts' ethos is fundamentally non-profit and members-based. A directorship lasts two years, ensuring Catalyst's vibrant and youthful energy. Thus, Catalyst never learns from its mistakes and completely avoids stagnation. Recent and forthcoming presentations include The Garden Project (26 June-17 August), and an exhibition of work by Clive Murphy (opening 9 October).2nd Floor