Aye-Aye Books

A contemporary art publisher and bookseller based in Glasgow and Salford, Aye-Aye's aim is to propagate publications that are independent, intemperate, indigenous and intercontinental. In 2006 Martin Vincent moved to Glasgow from Manchester, where he had been co-director of the International 3 gallery and i3 Publications. In Glasgow, he found a city with plenty of galleries, loads of artists, but no specialist art bookshop. i3 was re-branded as Aye-Aye Books, and, in collaboration with Sapna Agarwal, Vincent opened Aye-Aye Book Depot – a year-long independent bookshop/project space at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. With one foot in England at the Aye-Aye Sorting Office, Islington Mill, Salford, Aye-Aye's transnational publications programme has recently dispensed books by David Mackintosh, Rachel Goodyear, Edwina fitzPatrick and Esther Shalev-Gerz. It now has a new retail base, Aye-Aye Book Kiosk in Glasgow's CCA, and a new website under development, which will provide a comprehensive resource of books by Scottish artists. Aye-Aye's next project is to build some more shelves.