Initiated in 2006, A.Vermin is an ongoing artist project, a curatorial venture and a platform for emerging artists. Under the pseudonym A.Vermin, Alhena Katsof hosts site-specifi c exhibitions of new work by artists who do not typically work in this mode. A. Vermin's programme functions as a platform for conversations about current contemporary practice and our everyday relationship to art. The act of hospitality is an essential part of A.Vermin – it elevates the creative process implicit in bringing people and ideas together through a series of social experiences grounded in visual practice. Exhibitions primarily take place in the A. Vermin flat and, during Glasgow International 2008, in The State Bar. Recent exhibitions include work by Baldvin Ringsted, Ben Merris and Stina Wirfelt; an upcoming project in November will feature work by Amélie Guérin-Simard, Anna Mields and Sandy Smith.