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Weruzo presents ‘Sisi’
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Courtesy Weruzo

Emerging fashion brand Weruzo presents its latest conceptual collection Sisi in the ICA Theatre.

The collection derives inspiration from portraits of young womxn at Nigerian universities juxtaposed with ‘Sisi’s’ and ‘runs girls’, as depicted in Nollywood films of the early and mid-2000s. Sisi follows a young womxn coming of age in this landscape and presents a three-point arc: the viewer first sees Sisi as a young womxn arriving at university, then seeking out transactional relationships and finally, coming into her own after the relationships have served their purpose.
Womenswear brand Weruzo reflects a considered approach to a dual heritage through a design sensibility focused on discretion and craftsmanship. Committed to creating pieces rooted in the preservation of African artisan craftsmanship, Weruzo uses Akwete, an Igbo handwoven textile, as its signature fabric in ongoing explorations.

Chinasa Chukwu is the founder and creative director of Weruzo. She has previously worked as Fashion Editor at XXY Magazine and is the Art Director for cultural anthology, POSTSCRIPT. She is particularly interested in questions of cultural heritage, human interactions, sustainability and transformative creative economies.
07:00 pm
Sat, 09 Nov 2019
£5 Full, £4 Concs/Green Members, £3 Blue Members

Multibuy tickets are available for all three Weruzo Presents Sisi events:

£12 Full, £9 Concs/Green, £6 Blue Members for all three events.

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