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Jeans Team: Point Zero
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Turn around – Ask yourself – Menschheit

The Berlin band Jeans Team play a special concert reviving the spirit of their founding years, translated into the present.

Founded in 1995, Jeans Team (Reimo Herfort and Franz Schütte) fuse electronic pop with alternative dance and minimal punk. The band have long experimented with the interaction between sound and visuals, as seen in their first album, Baby VHS Soundtracks (released in 1996 on VHS), which was originally played live inside a cellophane ball with video accompaniment. Point Zero revisits the stylistic and sonic innovation of Jeans Team’s early productions, repositioning these works within a contemporary context.

During the mid-90s, Jeans Team were actively involved in the artist-run galerie berlintokyo in Berlin’s Mitte district, which served as a meeting point for artists and musicians to play music, exhibit their work and party. It was in this context – and during this vibrant period of production and experimentation – in which Jeans Team and Honey-Suckle Company first became close friends and collaborators; a relationship which proved foundational for both groups.

Jeans Team: Point Zero has been developed in tandem with the exhibition Honey-Suckle Company: Omnibus.
09:00 pm
Fri, 04 Oct 2019
£7 Full price, £5 Concs/Green Members, £3 Blue Members

Tickets also include entry to Captain Space Sex: Soundvibrator

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