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Helm + Graham Lambkin + Cucina Povera
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Helm & Tatsuya Fujimoto, Photography Leo Lopez

Helm curates a night of textural experimental music featuring Graham Lambkin and Cucina Povera, alongside his first-ever London AV show featuring visuals by Tatsuya Fujimoto. Together, the performances redefine ideas around the individual, intimacy and interconnectedness.

Helm’s work has been inspired by 20th-century electroacoustic music, Britain’s esoteric post-industrial underground and by snippets of conversation overheard in daily life. Cucina Povera’s music exists in a constant tension between mundane repetition and celestial motifs, utilising everyday encounters and field recordings to create poignant sonic meditations. Exploration of the everyday is also found in Lambkin’s spoken word and text-based performances, which collide the familiar and the uncanny.
Helm is Luke Younger, a London-based sound artist and musician. In the past decade he has released five studio albums and three EPs of textural experimental music, exploring a relationship between acoustic, electronic and real-world sounds. His recent album Chemical Flowers was released on the PAN label and contained some of his most direct work to date, incorporating a wider palette of instrumentation among the electronics. Younger is a resident DJ on NTS Radio where he has presented his monthly show After Dark since 2016. In support of Chemical Flowers, Helm toured Europe, the USA and had a residency at Cafe OTO, London in late 2019.

Graham Lambkin is a multidisciplinary artist and publisher from Kent whose work embraces audio, visual and text-based concerns. Lambkin first came to prominence in the early 90’s through the formation of his amateur music group The Shadow Ring, who fused a D.I.Y. post-punk aesthetic with folk music, cracked electronics and surreal wordplay. Lambkin’s solo releases include Salmon Run, Amateur Doubles and Community. He has also undertaken a string of collaborative projects with the likes of Joe McPhee, Keith Rowe, Moniek Darge, Jason Lescalleet, Michael Pisaro, and most recently Áine O’Dwyer.

Cucina Povera is the solo project of Finnish-born, London-based sound artist Maria Rossi. She utilises everyday encounters and field recordings to create soundscapes with a minimal setup that fits into a backpack. Her forthcoming, third solo album Tyyni is a sonic meditation which introduces new acoustic spaces. Having studied music at the Conservatoire Nationale de Luxembourg, she moved to Scotland in 2009 and became involved with Glasgow’s underground music scene through promoting events and hosting radio shows before learning production at the renowned non-profit community space Green Door.
07:30 pm
Thu, 06 Feb 2020
£10 Full, £8 Concs/Green, £6 Blue Members. 

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