Young ICA

The ICA aims to develop a deeper engagement with the arts and the ICA's programme among audiences aged 16+. Through a series of events developed specifically for 16-19 year-olds such as workshops, talks and screenings, young people engage with contemporary artists, and the current debates surrounding artistic production.


Young ICA workshops invite contemporary artists to work collaboratively with young people in the dedicated ICA Studio. Come and explore materials and creative processes, develop your skills, and learn about what it takes to be a professional artist in response to current exhibitions or other strands of the ICA Public Programme. These workshops are part of a regular series of events curated by and aimed at 16-24 year olds.

Friday Salons

Friday Salons are discursive seminars that focus on presenting new models of working, artistic strategies and the latest research into current cultural developments. The series is aimed at promoting audience interaction and professional development, enabling genuine dialogue between invited speakers and audiences around contemporary culture and in relation to the exhibitions programme. Learn about upcoming Friday Salons.


STOP PLAY RECORD is an initiative for aspiring filmmakers aged 16-24, with Arts Council England and Channel 4. Learn about STOP PLAY RECORD screenings, events and workshops.