Image © Dan Weill

Social Creative Network Open Call

Calling all young people with an interest in the arts and creative industries!    

We’re inviting young people between the ages of 15 and 25 to take part in our Social Creative network, a new digital project connecting young people with the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The Social Creative network is curated exclusively by and for young people, and is designed to create an enabling network for those who believe in the power of the arts and creative industries to make positive change in the world.     

Whatever your background or location you can use this network to collectively test, explore and respond to ideas in contemporary culture, sharing and showcasing your creativity online, with opportunities to contribute to curating and exhibiting IRL as part of the ICA public programme. 

Young illustrators, artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, activists, musicians, curators and everyone and everything in between - we want to hear from you.    

Social Network = Creative Change

Launching this October and running until March 2018, this project champions social justice and creativity. We believe a Social Creative network should be a space that allows multiple perspectives to co-exist, offering a platform for discussion and experimentation.

We want this platform to increase opportunities for you and others like you, because we think creativity is a valuable tool in promoting positive social change.    

Artist development with support from the ICA

Network members will have the chance to attend selected talks, screenings and exhibitions for free at the ICA, and gain specialised advice from creative industry insiders.

There will be opportunities to plan, curate and exhibit IRL, take part in a collective ICA Instagram takeover, contribute to a week-long takeover of a disused carpet shop in Croydon and a final end-of-project installation at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in central London. Not only that, participation can lead to an accredited award to add to your CV or personal statement.    

Together we are tomorrow…

By becoming members of the Social Creative network you will have the chance to:  

  • Be part of a youth-led digital project affiliated with the Institute of Contemporary Arts       
  • Access expertise in the creative field    
  • Receive online crits of your work by ICA and other professionals    
  • Connect your ideas and your artwork with other young creatives    
  • Curate an exhibition at the Croydon Arts Store during February half term 2018        
  • Curate public events IRL    
  • Build project management skills    
  • Add to your CV or personal statement    
  • Obtain a nationally-recognised accredited award    
  • Get 10% off in the ICA Bookstore

Become a Social Creative. It’s new. It’s free. And it’s open to anyone aged 15-25. Join us on Facebook now!