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Grandmother Paradoxes, DIY Time Travel + Quantum Event Mapping
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Black Quantum Futurism, The Temporal Disruptors, 2018/19

Marking the opening of their live commission Temporal Deprogramming, artists Black Quantum Futurism (BQF) present an interactive lecture exploring the history of linear time constructs, time travel, and notions of the future.

In this presentation, BQF contrast dominant Western linear time constructs with Afrodiasporan traditions of space, time, and Afrofuturist time travel. The following participatory session explores how people can use everyday tools and objects to time travel. Participants will learn about the interaction between timescapes and soundscapes, as well as how to build future ‘event maps’.

The presentation will be followed by a screening of The Family Circle by Bryan Green.

£5 Full, £4 Green/Concs, £3 Blue Members

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