Cultural Education Challenge: ICA X Peabody X Kingston University

The ICA is proud to announce a new partnership between the ICA, Peabody and Kingston University that places the autonomy of young people aged 16-24 at the heart of the programme. Part of the London Cultural Education Challenge, we will work together over the next year to deliver a rich and innovative cross-sector project across London. By combining knowledge and approaches we are developing a unified approach that increases access to cultural provision for young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and localities.

The partnership between the ICA, Peabody and Kingston will work to develop clear pathways into cultural education and employment, achieving real impact for the youth sector. The ICA’s objective is to make space for young people’s cultural production within the organisation and to challenge some of the key social and professional barriers to participation. Building on our inaugural Youth Festival in 2016, the partnership allows us to extend and diversify our outreach programme, and will formalise skills and experience by offering a full time Apprenticeship (paid the London Living Wage). Additionally, a range of nationally recognised Open College Network accredited awards at Level 1, Level 2 and Entry 3 will be offered. These awards include the Young Leader Award, which invites young people aged 16-24 with a creative skill, idea, or talent they want to share an opportunity to plan and deliver an event, all expenses paid, with support from a mentor.

This cross-sector partnership has also generated a new ICA Youth Ambassadors programme, to better enable young Londoners to connect and contribute to the arts and cultural sector through participation and collaboration. Award-winning blogger, The Slumflower, and founders of the world’s first video-magazine, GUAP Magazine, will work in collaboration with the ICA as advisors and collaborators, co-curating and delivering a number of events at the ICA. The Youth Ambassadors programme will shape and influence how the organisation can positively impact on young people’s lives, establishing the ICA as a relevant platform for young people’s creativity and better enabling people from diverse backgrounds to identify the options and choices available to them.

Find out more about the accredited awards offered as part of the Cultural Education Challenge partnership:

The Young Leader Award

Community Development & Leadership Award

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