Hito Steyerl Credit List

A list of credits for the works featured in an exhibition by Hito Steyerl, 5 March - 27 April 2014.


Hito Steyerl, 2012, Single channel 9:16 HD video, 19.30 min

Protagonists: Ron Hicks, Martin Whitfield, Corey Burage, Modesto Correa, Darrell Evans.
Director of photography: Kevan Jenson
Dolly Grip: Jordan Campagna
Produced by: Lisa Dorin, Ben Thorp Brown, Tracy Parker
Production Manager: Tracy Parker
Assistant Director: Ben Thorp Brown, Alwin Franke (Berlin)
Editing: Cristovao dos Reis (assisted by Maria Frycz)
Postproduction and compositing: Christoph Manz
Produced by: Art Institute of Chicago
Security: Hito Steyerl

How Not To Be Seen. A Fucking Didactic Educational .Mov File

Hito Steyerl, 2013, HD video file, single screen, 14 min

Director of Photography Berlin: Christoph Manz.
Director of Photography Los Angeles: Kevan Jenson.
2nd unit: Leon Kahane
AD: Esme Buden, Alwin Franke
Postproduction: Christoph Manz, Alwin Franke
Make-Up and Costume Design: Lea Søvsø
Choreography and Performance: Arthur Stäldi
Producer: Kevan Jenson
Dolly Grip Los Angeles: Tony Rudenko, Peter Jenson
Educational Dummy: Hito Steyerl

Commissioned by Massimiliano Gioni, Venice Biennale
Supported by the International Production Fund (IPF) - 2013 partners: Outset England, Dermegon Daskalopoulos Foundation for Culture and Development, Outset USA, Outset Netherlands with Promoters Van Abbemuseum, Maurice Marciano Family Foundation
Thank you to: Brian Kuan Wood, Meggie Schneider, Laura Poitras, Diana McCarty, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Anton Vidokle

Liquidity Inc.

Hito Steyerl, 2014, single channel video, 30 min

With Jacob Wood
MMA experts: Rage Ng and
Weather Underground: Brian Kuan Wood, Esme Buden and Maximilian Brauer
Technical director and director of Photography Berlin: Christoph Manz
Producer and director of photography Los Angeles: Kevan Jenson
Lighting director Los Angeles: Tony Rudenko
Graphic design and assistant post: Maximilian Schmoetzer
2nd unit: Leon Kahane
Clips by Misha Maximov and John Boswell (Melody Sheep)

Commissioned by David Riff and Ekaterina Degot
Weather: Brian Kuan Wood
Nervous breakdown: Hito Steyerl

I Dreamed a Dream

30 min single channel video, 2012

Recording of lecture at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Former West 2012

Is the Museum a Battlefield?

40min single channel video, 2013

Recording of lecture at 13th Istanbul biennial 2013.
Produced by Public Program Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Istanbul Biennial