Institute of Contemporary Arts
With the support of the Friends of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, we can reignite the visionary proposition on which the ICA was founded some 70 years ago. Friends are invited to support and engage with the breadth of the Institute’s programme. In return for this commitment, you will receive special insights into contemporary thought and culture through a dedicated Friends calendar of events linked to our programme and to those artists and thinkers whose ideas will shape the future. 

To thank you for your generosity, we invite you once a year as our guest to The Annual Friends of the Institute of Contemporary Arts Dinner, honouring an iconic figure in the world of contemporary culture. 

As a registered UK charity you can support the ICA through donations, equally donations can also be received from the US through the Global Friends of the ICA New York Office, where the ICA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.

For more information please contact
Global Friends of the ICA,
New York Office
Ronnie Sassoon (President)
Liam Gillick (Secretary)
Donald A. Moore (Treasurer)
Eleanor Cayre
Thea Westreich Wagner & Ethan Wagner

Independent Film Council
Erika Balsom
Stanley Buchthal
Gerry Fox
Sandra Hebron
Tabitha Jackson
Laura Mulvey
Naeem Mohaiemen
Walter Murch
Laura Poitras
James Richards
Tilda Swinton
Martine Syms
Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Director's Production Circle
Donald A. Moore
Marian Goodman Gallery
Dilyara Allakhverdova
Eleanor Cayre
Wendy Fisher
LUMA Foundation
Susanne Kapoor
Chris Kirkland
Ronnie Sassoon & James Crump
Iwan & Manuela Wirth
Anita Zabludowicz
and those who wish to remain anonymous

Friends of the ICA
Maria Sukkar
David Zwirner Gallery
Guya Bertoni
Sadie Coles
Nicola Chu
Thomas Dane
Lévy Gorvy Gallery
Domitilla Harding
Joyce Liu Kie Hung
Hadeel Ibrahim
Lisson Gallery
Matthew Marks & Jack Bankowsky
Monika Sprüth & Philomene Magers
Marco Rossi
Chantal Crousel & Niklas Svennung
Christopher Müller & Daniel Buchholz
Paul & Alice Judelson
David Kordansky
Friedrich Petzel
Fernando Mesta & Jose Roja
Isabella Bortolozzi
Emily King & Matthew Slotover
Thea Westreich Wagner & Ethan Wagner
Shane Akeroyd
Charles Asprey
Dr Paul Ettlinger & Raimund Berthold
Sara Blonstein
Stefania Bortolami
Gisela Capitain
Andrew Maag & Richard Carteau
Pilar Corrias
Campoli Presti
Tomasso Corvi-Mora
Aurélie Didier
Cornelia Grassi
Carol Greene
Marvin Haas
Maurice Marciano
Barbara & Howard Morse
Julia Muggenburg
Alison Myners
Prue O’Day
Maureen Paley
Eva Presenhuber
Michael Ringier
Alex Sainsbury & Elinor Jansz
Robert Sheffield
Catherine Shriro
Nicky Verber & Ash L’Ange
+ those who wish to remain anonymous