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Institute of Contemporary Arts
12 April – 20 April 2019

FRAMES of REPRESENTATION, now in its fourth edition, continues to be a showcase for the cinema of the real, investigating the political and aesthetic approaches at its core. The programme includes a broad and unclassifiable range of works which blur the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Over nine days, FRAMES of REPRESENTATION presents the UK premieres of twelve full-length features and six shorts, as well as an all-day symposium, a live performance, and a range of workshops, seminars and talks.

Reflecting the festival’s founding principles, this year’s programme is centred around the concept of Deframing, which embraces cultural complexity, resists dominant narratives, and emphasises decategorisation.

FRAMES of REPRESENTATION reflects on cinema’s potential to articulate connectivity not only in terms of aesthetics, but also at the level of politics. Our line-up explores the capacity of the moving image to unsettle hegemonic, neoliberal forms of separation and division, and its ability to forge connections across borders. In this year’s diverse roster of films and events, we spotlight local experiences which form part of a global conversation around race, gender, class and geography, in the hope of moving towards a redistribution of political and cultural agency.

This year’s festival emphasises forms of filmmaking which aim to collectively discover and share knowledge outside the scope of dominant cinema. In conversation with a community of filmmakers, researchers, activists and audience members, the programme aims to present and nurture a growing plurality of voices.

Festival Pass: £135 for all 15 screenings (£100 concs.) / Multi-buy offer: 4 or more screenings: £12 each (£10 concs.) / Multi-buy offer: 9 or more screenings: £10 each (£8 concs.)

Please note that multi-buy offers do not include FoR seminars, workshops or other special events. To purchase a multi-buy offer or Festival Pass, please contact the ICA Box Office on 020 7930 3647 (Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm – 9pm).

Developed in close collaboration with Cineteca Madrid, Sundance Documentary Institute and Kingston University, PROGRESSIO is a full-day event bringing together industry professionals and two selected filmmakers for guidance, feedback and support for innovative moving image projects in their early stages of development.

The ICA will host two CHASE seminars for students and academics on 16 and 18 April with invited filmmakers and academics. 

Friday 12 April, 6pm
Members of the New Black Panther Party are joined in conversation by Roberto Minervini, who worked with members of the political group on his film What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire?.

Friday 12 April, 8.30pm
The World Premiere of What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire?, a blistering meditation on the state of race in America.

Saturday 13 April, 2.15pm
Drawing on Argentinian filmmaker Gastón Solnicki’s body of work, this workshop provides an insight into the director’s personal and political approach to cinema.

Saturday 13 April, 4pm
Honeyland questions the cost, both human and ecological, of unsustainable growth and the reckless pursuit of profit.

Saturday 13 April, 6.20pm
Adele Tulli’s Normal playfully exposes the spectacle of gender in our everyday lives.

Saturday 13 April, 8.30pm
A cinematic elegy to Hans Hurch, long-serving director of the Viennale Film Festival.

Sunday 14 April, 2pm
Eminent Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing discusses his uncompromising political documentary-making.

Sunday 14 April, 3.45pm
Wang Bing’s study of dissident Chinese artist, philosopher and activist Gao Ertai is preceded by an introduction with the director.

Monday 15 April, 6:15pm
A masterclass exploring the formal and aesthetic choices that inform Reygadas’ work, investigating the director’s relationship with narrative and documentary filmmaking traditions.

Monday 15 April, 8.15pm
The UK premieres of three shorts by Laura Huertas Millán, Elena López Riera and Sara Fgaier.

Tuesday 16 April, 6pm
The UK premiere of The Disappeared followed by a Q&A with directors Gilad Baram and Adam Kaplan.

Tuesday 16 April, 7.30pm
Starring director Carlos Reygadas and his real-life spouse Natalia López, Our Time is an unsparing account of destructive pride and masculine identity.

Wednesday 17 April, 4.45pm
Two filmmakers featured in this year’s festival come together to discuss their approaches to filmmaking.

Wednesday 17 April, 6pm
Isaki Lacuesta’s Between Two Waters blends narrative cinema with a non-fiction ethos to consider the systemic neglect of marginalised communities.

Wednesday 17 April, 8.50pm
A journey into the depths of a city through the memories and emotions of its inhabitants.

Thursday 18 April, 5pm
Organised in association with the Polish Cultural Institute, this seminar focuses on the Lodz Film School and its graduates.

Thursday 18 April, 8.35pm
An immersive initiation into the life of a Maroon community in the former Dutch colony of Suriname.

Friday 19 April, 5pm
Stones Have Laws directors Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan and co-director Tolin Erwin Alexander discuss their process and the ethics and responsibilities of representation.

Friday 19 April, 6.30pm
Editors Joe Bini and Maya Hawke develop a narrative built on their shared personal histories in this live performance.

Friday 19 April, 8.30pm
Without dialogue, this hypnotic film follows two young artists as they navigate love and create work amid political and social tumult.

Saturday 20 April, 11am – 5pm
This day-long symposium offers a place to discuss peripheral perspectives in film, art and media.

Saturday 20 April, 6pm
The UK premieres of three shorts by João Vladimiro, Khaled Abdulwahed and Yalda Afsah.

Saturday 20 April, 8.15pm
Featuring personal broadcasts from twelve Chinese online streamers, Present.Perfect. allows us to consider the ways in which our identities have become entangled with network technologies.
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