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Permanent Green Light
Institute of Contemporary Arts

Permanent Green Light, Dir. Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley, 2018, DCP, colour, sound, 92 mins, French with English subtitles

Permanent Green Light (2018) follows Roman, a French teenager who isn’t interested in sports or drugs, girls or boys. He’s neither nihilistic, religious, or depressive, but what Roman wants is to explode, and his only interest is in ensuring the act’s spectacular effect.
Alongside a group of similarly despondent peers, Roman searches for a liminal point of non-existence, traversing a terrain that slowly unravels our ‘real-time’ contemporary condition.
06:30 pm
Wed, 23 Jan 2019
Cinema 1
04:00 pm
Sat, 26 Jan 2019
Cinema 2

£5 Full, Free for Members

The screening on 23 January will be introduced by directors Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley.

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