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Colossal Youth
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Colossal Youth (Juventude em Marcha), dir. Pedro Costa, Portugal / France / Switzerland 2006, 156 min., Portuguese and Cape Verdean creole with English subtitles, 15

The final film in Pedro Costa's Fontainhas trilogy, Colossal Youth chronicles the last days of this downtrodden Lisbon neighbourhood. 

An intimate epic wherein present and past move as one, the film follows Ventura, a towering Cape Verdean who has assumed the role of surrogate “father” to an untold number of characters around Lisbon and Fontainhas. Through Ventura’s ghost-like visitations to figures such as Vanda Duarte (the central figure in Costa’s earlier In Vanda’s Room and repeated recollections of his past life as a newly migrated labourer, Costa explores the nature and necessity of storytelling in the course of the human adventure.
03:00 pm
Sat, 14 Mar 2020
Cinema 1
01:15 pm
Tue, 17 Mar 2020
Cinema 1
£13 Full, £11 Concs/Green, £7 Blue Members. 

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