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Wednesday 20 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023

Today’s Daily is more of a ‘watch list’ guest edited by Michèle Lamy, a long-term friend of the ICA and a woman with many talents, many histories and many futures; an enigma of sorts. We were introduced to each other by the late John Giorno and bonded over our shared love for Marseille. But prior to this, I remember once walking into her LA joint Les Deux Cafes, half 1920s Weimar Republic cabaret, half old school Hollywood hangout. She later moved to Paris to work with her partner Rick Owens on building what is now Owenscorp. With her production house LAMYLAND, Michèle creates the social fabric that brings people together, from honey to performances to architectural environments. Yesterday she invited me to have a live chat on her Instagram show ‘What are we fighting for?’: @lalamichmich
Stefan Kalmár


Nan Goldin
Tateshots May 1st 2014   -YouTube


Rashida Jones / Kenya Barris

E01  Because of slavery
E02  Because of slavery too
E03  Still because of slavery


Rick Owens
October 31 2019


Tommy Cash

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Michèle Lamy photographed by Charlie Himmelstein @OverthrowNY