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Wednesday 2 December 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
May 2023


Forensic Architecture & Disclose: The Killing of Zineb Redouane
Yesterday our friends at Forensic Architecture together with Disclose released a new investigation into the Police killing of 80-year-old Zineb Redouane in Marseille in 2018. On the second anniversary of Zineb’s death, the project highlights the importance of the right for the public and journalists to film police operations – exactly at a time when the French Government tried to introduce new measures to prohibit it.


Margaret Tait Award
Nominations are now open for the Margaret Tait Award. Anyone can propose an artist living and working with the moving image in Scotland, and the deadline is Monday 7 December at 5pm GMT. You can view the 2019 award winner Jamie Crewe’s new exhibition at LUX London, on display from 3 December until 30 January 2021.


Residues of Wetness
Students in S. Ayesha Hameed’s Oceans as Archive MA Seminar (Goldsmiths 2019/20) have created this digital work-in-progress space featuring work around watery spaces. The platform operates as an archive of their collective thinking with and about water, where one can find images, videos, sounds and quotes by other authors. Their first public event is on Sunday 6 December at 4pm GMT.


Affonso Uchôa on Seven Years in May

‘The fact that Rafael is being listened to by someone in the film manages to create a collective concept. As you said, this is how I think that cinema works. Its language appropriates this story, transforming it into a fictional universe. Every time I recorded and listened to Rafael, the need for listening was very clear to me. Because what he speaks about is not just his own thing, but something that belongs to many people. I was also worried that leaving this story by itself would turn the film into a form of emotional blackmailing. With listening, with dialogue, you have an invitation to reflect. Cinema is not just an exhibition, it is something else.’

Seven Years in May is part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION, available to stream for seven days from Saturday 5 December at 6pm GMT.

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INFERNO Summit trailer

Thank you to artist and videographer Sweatmother for creating this INFERNO Summit trailer. This year’s iteration of the summit is in direct response to the hardships faced as a result of the pandemic and the effect on those who work in the arts and in nightlife. In the absence and cancellation of queer nightlife, I look forward to the summit providing a space to share and reflect on its meaning.

INFERNO Summit is available to stream for 30 days from 5 December, 11am GMT.

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Track of the Day

Claude Nougaro: La Cinema (1969)

Sur l’écran noir de mes nuits blanches
Moi je me fais du cinéma
Sans pognon et sans caméra
Bardot peut partir en vacances:
Ma vedette, c’est toujours toi …