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Wednesday 16 December 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Ignota: Books of the Year
Ignota friends and family have chosen a selection of books that accompanied them through this challenging year. Contributors include Huw Lemmey, Jenna Sutela, So Mayer, Hana Noorali, CA Conrad, Laurel Halo, and Johanna Hedva, plus many more.

Hajar Press 2021
Hajar Press is an independent publishing house run by and for people of colour that publishes books and pamphlets exploring transformative ways of seeing, imagining and remaking our world. They recently announced the first series of works, featuring texts by Cradle Community, Yara Hawari, Heba Heyak, Sara Lasoye, Jamal Mehmood, and Lola Olufemi.


Landless by Camila Freitas
The fifth edition of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION came to an end on Sunday with Fradique’s Air Conditioner, which remains available to watch until 20 December. Our online film programme continues during the winter season with an ongoing presentation of the most recent and distinct waves of independent filmmaking, presented at 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday via Cinema 3. It opens with Camila Freitas’ politically-charged nonfiction work Landless, which follows a group of sugarcane workers in rural Brazil fighting to achieve the bare minimum living and working rights, making visible their ongoing battle against the political and economic forces of the conservative Brazilian establishment.

A So-Called Archive
This new work by artist Onyeka Igwe, A So-Called Archive (2020), was produced as part of the KW Production series and streams until 30 December. Igwe takes British colonial archives in Nigeria and the UK as the site of focus in this film. Now out of use, these repositories of Empire encapsulate a history in decay and the complex role of the archive in our collective memory.

Track of the Day

Add N To (X): Robot New York (Peel Session) (1999)

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