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Wednesday 1 April 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Reading and viewing online content can all too often feel like a form of desensitized consumption. Spending time with the 48 digitised sketchbooks of artist Donald Rodney is quite the opposite experience. Viewing these books is a privileged immersion into the lived reality of a mutually poetic and politicised practice.
Richard Birkett


Reflecting the urgency of this moment, I wrote this text hoping it would raise awareness and prompt swift reactions from institutions and the people in the position to protect the most vulnerable agents of our ecosystem, in the arts industry. The economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, freelancers, artists, creatives, zero-hour contract workers – amongst many other precarious workers – is undeniable.
          Due to the many (and indispensable) cancellations, we are forced out of work. The truly pressing matter for us right now is our financial survival, not our visibility. Making sure our art stays visible is wonderful, but securing our income must be your priority.
          As a gesture of protest and in solidarity with my peers who are not getting paid, my website will be closed until further notice.
          I believe now is a good time to think about the ways in which we can redistribute resources across our field. One thing you can do is donate regularly a small percentage of your salary and/or budget to build a communal emergency fund like this one …
Stefan Kalmár

Informative read on the subject of scientific evidence between habitat destruction and the evolutionary processes of pathogens and spillovers to humans.
Nico Marzano


Watch the first two episodes Meriem Bennani and Orian Barki’s 2 Lizards on Instagram – short animated takes about life under quarantine. Watch the second episode here and follow for more!
Steven Cairns


The best mass quarantine-inspired indoor workout vid to date. Premiered via AQNB, this comes from Beijing art collective S/ash, with choreography by artist Maggie Menghan Chen and soundtrack by felicita.
Rosalie Doubal

3minapero is a short Q&A session with artists streamed on Anne Duffau and Vasiliki Antonopoulou’s IGTVs. Guests are invited to address four questions: describing their latest dream, disclosing their star sign, which era they would time travel to and to read an excerpt from their favourite book. Upcoming guests are: Sunil Gupta, Patrick Furness, Zoe Marden and Matilda Strang. You can watch back the first session with Col Self. The next session is this Friday.
Sara Sassanelli

Track of the Day

A. stands for anything
and B. for bionic and Bach
C. stands for claustrophobia
and D. for dirty old man

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Image courtesy of the Estate of Donald Rodney, photo courtesy of Tate.