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Tuesday 8 December 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


Verity Spott reads from Hopelessness and takes you a journey to the depths of the linguistic imagination. Equally as impactful when read at home, pick up a copy, recently published by The 87 Press.
GLOR1A live at Somerset House
Rooted in experimental R&B and Afrofuturism, multidisciplinary artist Gloria Adereti fuses music, art and technology to create live performances that explore how the African diaspora will be visualized in the future. Recorded in The Deadhouse at Somerset House this performance was part of The AMPLIFY Digital Art Initiative, which connects women-identifying artists working in digital arts and electronic music across the Americas and the UK. Gloria will share her work at the ICA through a live residency in 2021.


Free Speech/Censorship: Sita Balani
Breaking Binaries is a podcast where two seemingly oppositional ideas are unpacked. Sita Balani and Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan deconstruct a range of contexts in which Free Speech and Censorship are presented. Discussing Prevent, the political elite, Drill music and social media platforms, they make distinctions between acute examples of censorship and processes of accountability. They dismantle the idea of ‘pure debate’ and of a ' neutral public sphere' by accounting for the individuals involved and the power structures at play. A transcript is also available here.


Close Reading: Endless Night
In addition to the insightful piece that Sight & Sound Deputy Editor Kieron Corless wrote on Endless Night (Longa noite)(2019) for our FoR20 programme, film writer Cassidy Olsen addresses here Eloy Enciso’s cinematic and historical references. Enciso worked with non-actors and a script sourced from excerpted plays, memoirs and letters to explore the mood and materiality across Franco-era Spain through a long nocturnal journey.
Endless Night is presented as part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2020 and is available to stream for seven days from 8 December at 6:30pm GMT.
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Mike Davis: Trench Warfare, Notes on the 2020 Election
Here American writer, political activist, urban-theorist and historian Mike Davis, author of among many others titles of The City of Quartz (1990/2006) and No One is Illegal: Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border (2006) forensically dissects the recent US election, with some worrying finds.

Track of the Day

Yseult: Bad Boy (2020)

Quelqu’un frappe à ma porte
Je sens mon pouls qui s’accélère
Le temps s’arrête
J’ouvre la porte, c’était l’amour
Oui c’était lui que j’attendais
Lui le feu qui me consume
Ce même homme qui m’allume
Qui me rend chienne, qui me rend bête
Et qui m’éteint quand ça lui chante

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