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Tuesday 24 November 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
July 2022


Racial Capitalocene: Ecology and Abolition – Live Q&A with T. J. Demos
On Wednesday 25 November at 5pm CET, T. J. Demos, the Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in Art History in the Department of the History of Art and Visual Culture at University of California, Santa Cruz, and founding Director of its Center for Creative Ecologies, will be live on Zoom to answer questions about his keynote lecture ‘Racial Capitalocene: Ecology and Abolition’ part of the Paul Mellon Centre’s series ‘British Art and Natural Forces’. The lecture can be viewed in advance of the Q&A here.


Heart n Soul: Sweatshirts
I love these sweatshirts designed by three artists from the creative arts company and charity Heart n Soul. There are several colours featuring eight embroidered figures and two screen prints.

ICA Bookstore
While the ICA is closed to the public, our bookstore continues online at We have a selection of Theory, Art, Special Offers and Rare & Out of Print books, with new titles added each week. Keep up to date via Instagram, @icalondonbookstore. If you want to inquire about a book you have seen before in the store but is not yet on the website, would like us to recommend something, or have any other questions please contact us by DM or email Books will be posted out twice a week during lockdown. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Literary Life of Octavia E. Butler   
I have to thank Avery Gordon for sharing this LA Times project with me. It maps how local libraries in Southern California, where Octavia Butler grew up, shaped her life and inspired her writing. In addition to photographs of the libraries Butler frequented, like the one in Pasadena she called her second home, the project features call slips, notebooks, and library cards from Butler’s personal papers and archive.


Six newly commissioned performances stream daily on Mostyn’s website and Instagram between 23 – 28 November at 6pm. Noemi, DJ Fingerblast, Nuh Peace, Bunny Intonamorous, Neurokill, and TRISTAN all contribute to the programme for QUEER IS NOT A LABEL, founded in Paris by artists Kévin Blinderman and Paul-Alexandre Islas.

La vida en común
Absences, rather than presences, haunt La vida en común, an evocative film from Argentinian director Ezequiel Yanco. Set in Pueblo Nación Ranquel, an indigenous settlement from the Rankülche tribe located in the vast province of San Luis, this coming-of-age story follows a group of young teenage boys on the hunt for a puma that has been stalking their village, becoming their rite of passage into adulthood. Missing links propel the film forward: the puma is nowhere to be found, adult figures exist only on the periphery, a beloved dog goes missing. Exposing these voids, Yanco and his young protagonist Uriel traverse parallel realities constantly shifting between survival, dreams and adulthood.

La Vida en Común is available as part of FRAMES of REPRESENTATION 2020 for seven days from 1 December, 6:45pm GMT.

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Track of the Day

Good Sad Happy Bad: Shades (2020)

It’s out of our control now
Bright sides are all that’s left now
It’s snowing in August
And it's sunny at Christmas

And if you say it’s fine then I’ll have to see the bright side
Then pass me my shades
Pass me my shades
’Cause these bright signs are hurting my eyes
Pass me my shades
Pass me my shades
’Cause these bright signs are hurting my eyes

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