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Tuesday 24 March 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts


A podcast that explores strategies for community survival, intimacy and connection, which feels especially pertinent during this time of physical distancing. Recent episodes include advice on how to adapt to coronavirus restrictions from a social justice perspective, centring the voices and experiences of people living with chronic illnesses and disability.
Nydia Swaby

Wade Davies is an anthropologist, writer and explorer. Wade is no doubt one of the most important scholars on the ancestral cultures of the Amazonian peoples, and of the biodiversity that the region holds. Some of the knowledge he acquired in his travels is shared in this compelling lecture. It’s about one hour long.
Nico Marzano


I was looking forward to catching Tanoa Sasraku’s exhibition at LUX. For now, it has been moved online, where you can see the two films from the show. Definitely worth watching!
Steven Cairns

Three short film commissions by Rebecca Salvadori, that, in the current absence of raves, portray the unique forms of intimacy found in club culture. Including Desert Rave and Inside Fold.
Sara Sassanelli

A rare find on YouTube is the full-length version of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) with English subtitles, one of the best movies ever made on overcoming the fear of ‘the other’.
Stefan Kalmár


Today was the first full day of the planet’s tilt towards the light, the sun, in the Northern Hemisphere, in the time of Covid-19 and a breakdown in global health that had its epicentre in what is called the West.
– from The Vortex of Formidable Sparkles, an invaluable axis for re-reading our world and the ‘always-never:blog’ of poet Bhanu Kapil.
Rosalie Doubal

Track of the Day

Released exactly a year ago and written by both Lizzo and Elliott – ‘keep my name out ya mouth & look in the mirror before you come for me’, we agree.

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Ben McKinley, Curtin University / Icrar / Astro 3d. Moon Image Courtesy of NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University, as posted by Bhanu Kapil on The Vortex of Formidable Sparkles.