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Tuesday 12 May 2020
Institute of Contemporary Arts
March 2023


This film by ICA Film Council member Naeem Mohaiemen is available to view on The Power Plant’s website until 14 May. The project examines the failures of radical, armed leftist movements of the 1970s; we learn about the misrecognition of Marxist ideologies from the perspective of Bangladeshi historian Afsan Chowdhury.
Steven Cairns


Here the feminist film journal Another Gaze honours the work of this French film and theatre maker. Sarah Maldoror is a central figure in the establishment of pan-African, lusophone and revolutionary cinema who created an alternative, anticolonialist and feminist vision of the world. Three films are available via the sign-up, and tonight’s 8pm Zoom features a roundtable discussion and readings.
Rosalie Doubal


Listening to the World End is a proposition for deep listening. Each original soundscape was created by artist Samir Kennedy for Independent Dance UK’s online public programme. The hour-long tracks comprise layers of ambient and drone, during which haunting vocals emerge unexpectedly. I suggest listening to them in their entirety – taking 60 minutes of the day to either move or be still with them.
Sara Sassanelli

Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva are California-based producers known as The Kitchen Sisters, who have been producing immersive, beautifully observed stories for public radio since 1979. A couple of my favourites are ‘Waiting for Joe Di Maggio’ from 1993, and a recent foray into the New York Public Library’s Lou Reed Archive accompanied by the voice of Laurie Anderson.
Nico Marzano

There’s something about watching Lianne La Havas perform this acoustic set from the comfort of her home in London that really makes me smile. In this latest instalment of Tiny Desk Concerts, La Havas sings ‘Midnight’, one of my favourite songs from her sophomore album Blood, and two singles from her self-titled album, which is set to drop in July.
Nydia A. Swaby


Here the French philosopher proposes six seemingly simple questions regarding which activities on the other side of this passage we should drop, and which ones we should take forward. It is essentially an inventory of all those things you know are wrong and unsustainable in your everyday work, and all those activities you wish you could do more of – a useful tool to rethink your own default mode.
Stefan Kalmár

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Sarah Maldoror (1929 – 2020)