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Tuesday 10 November
Institute of Contemporary Arts
June 2023


Radiophrenia: Art Radio   
For 24 hours a day from 9 – 22 November, Radiophrenia is broadcasting from Glasgow with a daily schedule of experiments in art and sound. This year's transmissions feature a series of commissions from 20 artists along with pre-recorded and live shows.


ACTS 2020: Stanley Picker Public Lectures
Since 2014, the ICA and the Fine Art department at Kingston School of Art have collaborated on the Stanley Picker Lecture Series. Featuring works by Barby Asante, Jenna Collins, Stephen Sutcliffe and others, the 2020 programme invites practitioners to engage with approaches to virtual acts as a means of disseminating artistic knowledge in a variety of formats.

Stacy Abrams & Whoopi Goldberg on All In: The Fight for Democracy
Last week’s US election is a testimony to the fact that citizens actually make use of their constitutional right when ballots are made accessible. Stacy Abrams directly experienced voter suppression in her 2018 run for Governor of Georgia, which is the subject of this documentary organised by our friends from Film at Lincoln Centre in New York. You can also see the team behind the film in conversation with The Black List creator Franklin Leonard at Film Independent.

Pino Solanas: The Hour of the Furnaces
The Argentinean director Pino Solanas, who died in Paris last weekend, was both a militant and one of the greatest political storytellers in cinema. The release of his unforgettable landmark 1968 film The Hour of the Furnaces (La Hora del Los Hornos) saw Solanas become a reference point for young Europeans in turmoil, but despite winning awards at various festivals it was banned in Argentina for a long time. Across the documentary’s various chapters, Solanas foregrounds the theory of the Grupo Cine Liberación [The Liberation Film Group], an Argentine film movement and collective founded by Solanas together with the film’s co-director Octavio Getino and Gerardo Vallejo at the end of the ’60s. This is guerrilla cinema in its highest form, embracing radical formal experimentation and internationalist politics. Repertory images, archival sound, writings and judicious editing combine to engage the spectator emotionally – not only in the reconstruction of Argentinean history, but the wider context of Latin America too.


Recursive Colonialism
The Symposium ‘Recursive Colonialism, Artificial Intelligence & Speculative Computation’ mixes critical and creative practices, bringing together the philosophy of technology, black studies, political theory, media aesthetics, cultural and digital media studies, and computer science. The event is led by The Critical Computation Bureau, a collective of researches, artists and writers based in the US, UK and Southern Italy working at the intersections of technology, culture, aesthetics and politics.

Track of the Day

Seth Price: Black Swan (2020)

Dear Stefan,

We started spring lockdown together with the Kwarantine Klick mix I made for you, so maybe the new fall lockdowns could use another hit.

Love from NYC,

Seth Price